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FlexiFlow Gutter Downspout Extension Kit

Upgrade Your Gutter System with ZNNCO's Flexible Downspout Extensions - No Digging Required!

- Leak-Proof Design: The ZNNCO Upgraded Gutter Downspout Extensions feature a leak-proof design, which helps to prevent water from seeping out at the joints. This ensures that your downspout extensions will function effectively and prevent water damage to your home.
- Splash Block Kit Included: These downspout extensions come with a splash block kit, which helps to direct water away from your home's foundation. This added feature ensures that your home remains protected from water damage and he

ZNNCO has upgraded their gutter downspout extensions with a flexible design that eliminates the need for digging. The no dig catch basin downspout extension is perfect for those who want to extend their downspouts without damaging their landscaping. The extension is also equipped with a leak-proof splash block kit that ensures water is directed away from your home's foundation. The ZNNCO downspout extension is extendable from 1.34 feet to 5.1 feet, making it suitable for a wide range of homes. With this upgrade, ZNNCO has made it easier and more efficient to protect your home from water damage caused by overflowing gutters.