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Stainless Steel Catch Basin Package with Debris Basket - Vodaland

Upgrade Your Drainage System with Vodaland's Stainless Steel Catch Basin - ADA Compliant, Heel Proof Grating and Debris Basket Included!

- Heel Proof Grating: The heel proof grating design of the Vodaland Catch Basin ensures that it is safe for pedestrians to walk on. It prevents high heels and other small objects from getting stuck in the grating, which can cause accidents and injuries.
- Debris Basket Included: The package comes with a debris basket, which helps to prevent clogging and blockages in the catch basin. This ensures that the water flows smoothly and prevents flooding during heavy r

Vodaland's 12x12 Catch Basin Stainless Steel ADA/Heel Proof Grating Package with Debris Basket Included is the perfect solution for any drainage needs. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, while the ADA/heel proof grating design provides safety and accessibility for all users. The package includes a debris basket to prevent clogging and ensure efficient water flow. The 12x12 size is ideal for residential and commercial use, and the sleek design blends seamlessly with any landscape or architecture. With Vodaland's 12x12 Catch Basin Stainless Steel ADA/Heel Proof Grating Package, you can have peace of mind knowing that your drainage system is secure, efficient, and safe.